Lipoinject is a brand of intralipotherapy needles, which are used to administer a non-surgical treatment for localized fat reduction. The brand is produced by the Italian company Prollenium Medical Technologies.

Intralipotherapy is a technique that involves injecting a solution into the subcutaneous fat layer to dissolve and eliminate localized pockets of fat. The solution typically contains a combination of natural substances, such as deoxycholic acid, which works to break down the fat cells. The Lipoinject needles are designed to deliver the solution precisely into the targeted area of fat, minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

The Lipoinject needles are designed to be both safe and effective, with features such as a blunt tip to minimize the risk of puncturing blood vessels and a flexible cannula to allow for smooth, comfortable injections. The needles are also sterile and single-use, helping to prevent the risk of infection.

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